2023 Extra Elite 100 Candidate Spotlight: Olivia Duncan… Why She’d Have Monica Abbott Play Her in a Movie

Olivia Duncan is one of the top lefty pitchers in the 2023 class.

One of the questions we like to ask young fastpitch players is, “If you could choose someone to play you in a movie of your life, who would you pick?”

The answer from Olivia Duncan, the outstanding pitcher from Georgia, is revealing; she said, “Monica Abbott, because she is a tall lefty pitcher.”

Olivia is a tall, power pitcher with good movement much like Monica Abbott.

Not only does it show the 2023 grad knows her sport and who the top player in the game is today, it also shows she’s self-aware as to her strengths and what makes many coaches feel she’s one of the top pitchers in her class.

Olivia is from Buford, Georgia and could be the next great player out of Buford High, a powerhouse that’s won 10 state titles and produced dozens of players who’ve gone on to colleges in Power 5 conferences like the ACC and SEC.

Just an eighth grader, some college and club scouts feel the lefty who throws in games at 63-64 mph and has movement on her pitches could be a franchise player as she continues to grow and develop.

Whether she will end up over 6-feet tall and dominate internationally like Abbott has—and likely will continue to as Team USA gets ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics—remains to be seen, but if you’re looking for a dominating lefty pitcher to watch in the upcoming years, Olivia Duncan is on the short list of those who fit the bill.

Here’s more on this fast-rising athlete who plays for James Lamar’s Lady Dukes travel team based out of Durham, North Carolina…


Hometown/State: Buford, Georgia
Grad Year: 2023
Position: Pitcher
Club Team: Lady Dukes 04-Lamar
Current School/Future High School (City/State): Buford Middle School/Buford High School (Buford, Georgia)
GPA: 4.0
Recruiting Situation: Uncommitted
Height: 5-foot-9
Key Stats: 2018: club—compiled 0.89 ERA in 35 innings pitched in fall; middle school pitched 45 innings and had 95 strike outs; played up on the JV team and averaged almost two strikeouts per inning
Preferred College Major: Sports Medicine


Your thoughts on the Early Recruiting Rules and not being able to be contacted/recruited by college coaches prior to Sept. 1 of your  junior year of high school?
My opinion towards recruiting did not change after the Early Recruiting Rule came out. I feel like it all comes down to the amount of work that is put in, regardless of rules. I think that as long as I put in the hard work, it’ll be worth the wait until my junior year.

A good all-around athlete, Olivia can hit as well as pitch.

What would you say has been the biggest key to your becoming the successful softball player you are today?
My parents are definitely the biggest key in my success as a player today. They make so many sacrifices to make sure that I can travel and play out of state. Along with that, they also make sure I have the best equipment and tools to help me improve and play my best.

When was this first time you realized that you really loved softball and what triggered that feeling?
My love for softball began when I started to get serious about pitching. It helped me to realize that softball was more than just a game, it was what I wanted to devote myself to every single day.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
I look forward to spending time with my team and playing in all the showcases and camps we have planned for this season.

Talking recruiting, have you started thinking about colleges you’ll consider and have you visited or camped at any schools?

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